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2421 Pennington Road

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Life Cycle Events

Celebrating the Life Cycle at Har Sinai Temple:
“Making mountains out of moments”


When a baby is born, there are numerous ways that a family can celebrate this miraculous event.  We assist young families in planning a ceremony that will celebrate the mitzvah (sacred act) of welcoming the newborn into the covenant of the Jewish people.

According to Jewish tradition, baby boys are circumcised at the age of eight days. The ritual is called a Brit Milah or Bris.  Rabbi Goldson helps new parents understand the meaning of this Jewish ritual and will help them find a Mohel or doctor who will perform the circumcision during a special service that Rabbi Goldson officiates.

Newborn girls are also welcomed into the covenant at a ceremony we refer to as a Baby Naming.  In Hebrew, we call it a Brit Chayim (covenant of life) or a Simchat Bat (joy of a daughter).  A special service is held during which the child is blessed and receives her Hebrew name.  This service can be held at home or at the synagogue and many families choose to name their child at Shabbat services.

Because every family’s situation is unique, Rabbi Goldson works closely with them to create a personalized celebration that is appropriate and meaningful.


It is a sacred occasion when a child begins their Jewish education. Each year we hold a Consecration ceremony on Simchat Torah to honor our new students.  It is our custom to bless the children and to give them a miniature Torah and a certificate marking this special day.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a significant Jewish life cycle event. It marks an important step in the spiritual growth of a young Jewish person.  It indicates that the student has grown in Jewish knowledge and is ready, through further study, to acquire a more mature understanding of Judaism and to assume the responsibilities of Jewish life.

Rabbi Goldson and Cantor Green work with each boy and girl individually, helping them to understand the significance of having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and preparing them for the service they will lead in the celebration of this joyous stage of life.


Most of our young people continue their Jewish studies in our Hebrew High School after their Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  As they move from adolescence into adulthood, we want them to gain the knowledge they will need and understand the issues that they will face as they go out on their own into the real world.

Tenth graders who complete our Hebrew High School program reaffirm their commitment to Judaism at a special Confirmation service which is held during Shavuot.

Conversion to Judaism

People who are interested in embracing Judaism as their religion have the opportunity to engage in a powerful and meaningful process.  Rabbi Goldson works with potential converts by arranging for a course of study and by providing opportunities to experience the full range of holidays and ritual observances. Many of our members have chosen Judaism as adults which makes Har Sinai a community that is particularly open and supportive to newcomers.  Those interested in exploring the possibility of converting should contact Rabbi Goldson directly.


When two people celebrate their love by uniting their lives in marriage, it is considered such a joyous occasion that dancing breaks out in the streets of Jerusalem.  Rabbi Goldson works with couples to create a wedding ceremony that is incredibly meaningful and joyful to them.  He will explain all the Jewish traditions, ancient and modern so that you can choose how to celebrate your wedding with family and friends.  To plan a wedding at Har Sinai Temple, contact Rabbi Goldson directly.


Mi Shebeirach, the prayer for physical and emotional healing, is recited at our Friday evening Shabbat services.  If you are ill and would like a Mi Shebeirach recited on your behalf, please call the Temple office at 609-730-8100 so the congregation may offer its prayers for you.  If you know another person who needs the same, please ask the individual for permission to read their name before calling the office.

Visiting The Sick

Har Sinai Temple wants to make sure we care for our members and their families. If you have a family member or know of someone who is in the hospital, has been in an accident, or is recuperating at home, please call the Temple office at 609-730-8100 so Rabbi Goldson can contact them to offer support and, if they wish, arrange for a visit.

Death and Mourning

We are here to answer your questions about Jewish funerals and mourning rituals, and to provide personal guidance, Jewish insights, and written materials as you cope with your loss.  Rabbi Goldson is ready to help you and your family whether it is to receive emotional support or to plan a funeral, memorial service, or shiva minyan.  Please contact him at 609-730-8100 or rabbijg@harsinai.org.