Har Sinai Temple 

Rabbi Jordan Goldson !



We are a proud Reform Jewish congregation and we welcome members and visitors from all spiritual backgrounds or no religious background at all. You are welcome to pray with us, study with us, share in holiday celebrations, and participate in lifecycle events.

With historic roots and a progressive heart, Har Sinai Temple is a community that is filled with beautiful contradictions – an active group of knowledgeable sages and vibrant young families and children; a love of enduring Jewish traditions and a drive for spiritual innovation and forward-thinking; a commitment to the inner life of our congregational family and a constant energetic force that engages with the renewal of our world. Please join us as we work together, making Har Sinai Temple a place of transformative prayer, expansive thought, fearless engagement, and love.

We value the uniqueness of each congregant and we are committed to providing a community that is inclusive and accessible.  If you or someone in your family requires special accommodations in order to access the fullness of synagogue life, please contact the office at (609) 730-8100.