2421 Pennington Road

(609) 730-8100

2421 Pennington Road

(609) 730-8100

Welcome to Har Sinai Temple

An inclusive Reform Jewish community with historic roots and a progressive heart

We welcome members and visitors from all spiritual backgrounds or no religious background at all – pray with us, study with us, share in holiday celebrations, and participate in lifecycle events.

Please join us as we work together, making Har Sinai Temple a place of transformative prayer, expansive thought, fearless engagement, and love. Learn about membership …

Religious Education

What makes our Religious School Program so beloved and well-attended [even over Zoom during the pandemic] is the thoughtful, comprehensive curriculum designed to engage and inspire the student at every level.

Har Sinai event

Tikkun Olam

Being Jewish means you are part of a revolutionary movement charged to change the world.  With the national mission to be a light unto the nations, every Jew can lead by example and deed.  We are partners with God in fixing the world.

Latest News

“We envision a temple community where more people will come to connect with others and develop meaningful friendships while they celebrate Jewish life.”

Rabbi Jordan Goldson, the 27th spiritual leader in Har Sinai's 163-year history, having joined the congregation in July 2020.

Let’s Talk!

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