Temple Life

Har Sinai has a rich Temple life with many active committees.  If you are interested in joining any of our wonderful committees or groups, please contact the chair or the temple office at:

Har Sinai Temple
2421 Pennington Rd
Pennington, NJ 08534
(609) 730-8100

Janice Kline, Chair
This committee creates forums for the community at large on topics of current interest.  They utilize the combined efforts of representatives from all of the Arms of the Temple, including our Sisterhood, Men’s Club, and Renaissance Committee.
Phillip Griffin and Michael Goodman, Co-Chairs
Har Sinai Temple began nearly 160 years ago with the formation of the Har Sinai Cemetery Association in 1857 in Trenton, New Jersey. The Cemetery Committee maintains Ewing and Greenwood cemeteries and oversees the selling of plots in Har Sinai areas of cemeteries.

Library and Archives
Rita A. Allen, Chair
Men’s Club
Casey Faiman, President
The Men’s Club at Har Sinai belongs to the entire congregation. It embodies the spirit of our Temple and its congregants. Together, we participate in events that enhance our Temple, the children in our religious school, our community, and ourselves. Men’s Club is designed to evolve as needs and personal tastes change. It is for that reason we welcome all new participants and all new ideas for how we can make our Club better reflect the feelings of each successive generation as they bring their families to our Temple. The Men’s Club at Har Sinai is looking forward to another great year starting this September as we kick-off the Religious School year with one of our famous barbecues. And that’s just where the fun begins.

Janis Kind, Chair

Lois Krause, President

Har Sinai Sisterhood embodies the heart and soul of our Temple.  Through the bonds of “sisterhood,” we bring women together as a core to strengthen our Jewish identity.  At this time, our primary goal is to generate a strong and spiritual community where you feel welcomed, empowered, and connected to our Temple, to women in our Sisterhood, and to Judaism.  Our events and purposes are multifold.  We support the activities and goals of the Temple and the Jewish people, as we develop spiritually, intellectually, culturally, and socially.  Most of all, we have fun as we learn and grow together!  During our “Red Tents on Baldpate Mountain,” we celebrate Shabbat on a mountain top. At our “Rosh Chodesh” events, we discuss books and Torah and enjoy cultural activities.  Through our yearly “Retreats” and “Women’s  Seders,” we renew and rejoice together.  Plus, through fundraising and social action activities, we support and give back to our community. 

Join us, as we connect, celebrate, worship, and party together!