2421 Pennington Road

(609) 730-8100

2421 Pennington Road

(609) 730-8100


Har Sinai Sisterhood embodies the heart and soul of our Temple.  Through the bonds of “sisterhood,” we bring women together as a core to strengthen our Jewish identity.  At this time, our primary goal is to generate a strong and spiritual community where you feel welcomed, empowered, and connected to our Temple, to women in our Sisterhood, and to Judaism.

Our events and purposes are multifold.  We support the activities and goals of the Temple and the Jewish people, as we develop spiritually, intellectually, culturally, and socially.  Most of all, we have fun as we learn and grow together!

During our “Red Tents on Baldpate Mountain,” we celebrate Shabbat on a mountain top. At our “Rosh Chodesh” events, we discuss books and Torah, and enjoy cultural activities.  Through our yearly “Retreats” and “Women’s  Seders,” we renew and rejoice together.  Plus, through fundraising and social action activities, we support and give back to our community.

Join us, as we connect, celebrate, worship, and party together!

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Sisterhood events

Sisterhood Book Club

All Sisterhood members are welcome to join our Book Club. Every other month we choose a title of a book with a meaningful Jewish culture, heritage, or religious theme and join together over Zoom for a lively discussion that leave us all feeling informed, entertained, enlightened and united as part of our Sisterhood community of readers.

Please join us for the next Book Review & Discussion on Sunday, March 19th at 7 p.m. on Zoom.

A Fall of Marigolds, a novel by Susan Meissner

The discussion will be led by Myrna Speert.

In this compelling, emotional novel, a beautiful scarf connects two women touched by tragedies 100 years apart — the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and 9/11.

Recent Books Discussed & Recommended

Other People’s Pets by R. L. Maizes

“The Marriage of Opposites,” by Alice Hoffman.

“Last Sumer at the Golden Hotel,” by Elyssa Friedland.

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