Meet Our Board Of Trustees & Committees

Our Board of Trustees
Our Board of Trustees is comprised of 18 elected, active, Temple members who work together to guide the business and cultural aspects of our Temple life. The Board includes a 7-member Executive Committee, 2 immediate past presidents, the Presidents of the Sisterhood, Men’s Club, and Renaissance Committee, as well as 10 Trustees serving either a one or three year term.
Trustees meet monthly for Board Meetings and sit on the various Temple committees, such as Religious Education, Membership, and Fundraising. Our Board helps ensure that business decisions reflect our overall mission and philosophy, and that our Congregation continues to thrive financially, socially and spiritually. These Board Meetings are open to all Temple members.


Executive Board

President: Alan S. Kline

Senior Vice President: Ada Gallicchio

First Vice President: Lisa Kimmelman

Second Vice President: Casey Faiman

Treasurer: Arnie Speert

Financial Secretary: Deborah Gnatt

Recording Secretary: Lois Krause

Immediate Past President: Heather Fehn


Andrea Bergman

Robert Block

Lew Dauer

Jay Greenberg

Kristen Gurdin

Robin Harris

Hilary Jersey

Janice Selinger Kline

Colin Schreiber

Jill Schwartz

Committees (click on the committee name for a brief description)

Building and Grounds: Lew Dauer

Endowment Fund: Marcia Primus

Fundraising: Ada Gallicchio

Membership: Lisa Kimmelman

Religious Education: Ada Gallicchio/ Co-Chair Hilary Jersey

Religious Practices: Colin Schreiber

Social Action: Jay Greenberg