2421 Pennington Road

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2421 Pennington Road

(609) 730-8100

Lifelong Learning

At Har Sinai Temple, we value lifelong learning as an essential means of connecting ourselves to Jewish tradition, to God, and to each other.  A variety of classes are offered to meet the needs of our community that loves to learn.  Here are some of the classes and programs that we offer.  If there are other topics that would be of interest to you, please contact Rabbi Goldson.

Study & Schmooze: Each week, we discuss topics of interest and study Jewish texts that provide insights into our tradition’s approach to issues that we are facing today.

Torah Study: Study the weekly Parasha [Torah Portion] as we explore the teachings of our Torah and its commentaries.

Book Club: Join with members of the Har Sinai community and our Sisterhood to read and discuss our book of the month

Basic Synagogue Skills: This is an opportunity to learn about the prayer service and become more comfortable.  You will come to understand the way the service is structured, learn some Hebrew, and even learn how to read or chant from the Torah.  At the end of the class, those who wish can participate in a group Adult B’nai Mitzvah.

Introduction to Judaism: Have you ever wanted to learn what Judaism is all about?  Or maybe you forgot what you learned about Jewish customs and traditions in religious school? Has your life journey brought you to the synagogue, but you feel uncomfortable when you enter its doors because you feel you don’t know enough? Would you like to discover the beauty and meaning of a tradition that many Jews have known and cherished for centuries?  This course will introduce you to the various customs, traditions, celebrations, and teachings that together make for a rich and inspiring Jewish life.

Exploring Jewish Spirituality: This course provides an opportunity to discover the spiritual depth of our tradition and to learn to take its wisdom into our lives. Many Jews feel that there is a lack of emphasis placed on matters of spiritual growth within the organized Jewish community.   In recent years, there has been a renaissance of Jewish spiritual practice which has invigorated Judaism in new ways.  This class introduces some of the ideas and practices which are becoming part of mainstream Jewish life today.

Mussar: This group study experience is a means of finding your spiritual connection in a Jewish context.  The Jewish practice of Mussar (pronounced “moo-sar”) is a spiritual approach to daily life that has been with us for generations.  You will learn about the soul traits that inform the way we deal with everyday life.

Visiting Scholars & Musical Artists: Har Sinai Temple will host various scholars, teachers, and musicians who will share their talents with us.

Trips to Jewish Destinations: Have you ever been to Israel?  Is it time for you to go back?  Have you ever wanted to visit other interesting Jewish places in Europe, Africa, South, and Central America?  Stay tuned for post-COVID for opportunities to travel with Har Sinai Temple.

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