Members of Har Sinai Temple who are in good standing will not need tickets in order to attend services during the High Holy Days. We recognize that this is a time when friends and family visit and wish to attend as guests.  Guests who are friends or families of members are asked to purchase tickets in advance for a nominal fee. There is a separate rate for other guests who are attending services during the holidays.

Tickets for guests of members are $100 for each holiday and $200 for guests of non-members. Children, Students with ID, and Military Personnel do not need tickets. Members of other URJ congregations can arrange for courtesy tickets at no charge.

Please note: Har Sinai Temple does not turn anyone away who would like to pray with us during the High Holy Days but cannot afford a ticket.  Please call the Temple Office to make arrangements for any of the above.

Non-members, please note that the cost of these tickets may be applied toward a new membership, if arrangements are made with the Temple office prior to November 1, 2023.