Religious School: The Jewish Education Connection

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 “Our religious school is not only a place of caring, love and concern, it also begs the students to aspire to their highest potential as human beings within the parameters of our tradition.”

~Rabbi Pollack


Education has always been one of the most important core values of Judaism. Our Religious School, strives to provide an exciting and challenging curriculum which prepares our students to fully participate in the larger Jewish community. Our goal is to instill values and practices that our students need to grow into knowledgeable Jewish adults. Through the celebration of Jewish culture and heritage, the study of Hebrew and worship, discussions of Jewish values and ethics and developing a connection to Israel, we aim to impart and foster each child’s Jewish identity.

We believe education is a cooperative venture between home and school. We invite our parents to become active participants in their child’s education through many shared social programs during the school year. We invite you to become part of our “Kehillah” or community.