Yom Shlishi, 6 Tishri 5778

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 "Our religious school is not only a place of caring, love and concern, it also begs the students to aspire to their highest potential as human beings within the parameters of our tradition.”

~Rabbi Pollack


Education has always been one of the most important core values of Judaism. Our Religious School, strives to provide an exciting and challenging curriculum which prepares our students to fully participate in the larger Jewish community. Our goal is to instill values and practices that our students need to grow into knowledgeable Jewish adults. Through the celebration of Jewish culture and heritage, the study of Hebrew and worship, discussions of Jewish values and ethics and developing a connection to Israel, we aim to impart and foster each child’s Jewish identity.

We believe education is a cooperative venture between home and school. We invite our parents to become active participants in their child’s education through many shared social programs during the school year. We invite you to become part of our “Kehillah” or community.

Resources for Parents and Students:


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Religious School Schedule  

K/1st - 7th Grades meet on Sundays from 9am-11:30am

3rd*, 4th, 5th and 6th Grades also meet on Tuesdays from September through May

*3rd Grade student begin Tuesday night classes in January

Our Religious School Teaching Staff:

We have created a professional learning community in which teachers are provided with ongoing support along with continuing education and training opportunities. Teachers meet weekly as a group with the Director of Education for ongoing review and development. Some of the evidence based practices and innovative teaching techniques that are part of educational best practices (i.e., Responsive Classroom, project based learning, and the creation of a culture of excellence) are being implemented in our classrooms. Our teachers are the best in the area and are well regarded by our students and families.


Religious School Teachers (Sunday)

Kindergarten/First Grade Danielle Kassick

Second Grade Chelsea Altchek

Third Grade Joanna Felsenstein

Fourth Grade Jill Schwartz

Fifth Grade Shara Katlin

Sixth Grade Lisa Kimmelman

Seventh Grade Emily Vasile

Hebrew High School Rabbi Pollack, Adam Herman

Tenth Grade/Confirmation Rabbi Pollack 

Assistant Teachers Chelsea Altchek, Lauren Jackenthal


Religious School Teachers (Tuesday)

Third Grade Carol Bluestein

Fourth Grade Ronit Rackowski

Fifth Grade Emily Vasile

Sixth Grade Lisa Kimmelman 

Family Educator Allison Greenberg

Music Director/Shabbat Programming Susan Sacks

Our Religious School Curriculum:

Kindergarten/First Grade: An introduction to joyful customs, an introduction to Hebrew letters, discovering the holidays, and an invitation to become an active participant in synagogue life.

Second Grade: Ongoing exploration of Jewish principles and symbols, learning about mitzvot, strengthening basic Hebrew letter recognition and an introduction to the vowels, and developing a love of Israel.

Third Grade:  Learning to read Hebrew and an introduction to the study of Torah.

Fourth Grade:  Development of prayer skills and recitation, reinforcing the learning of Hebrew, more in depth study of the Jewish holidays, and a continuation of the study of Torah.

Fifth Grade:  More advanced prayer and Hebrew study, an exploration of Jewish history, and more in-depth learning about Israel.

Sixth Grade:  Strengthening Hebrew reading and prayer skills, learning of Jewish values in the context of learning about major events in Jewish history, study of the Jewish life cycle, and bar/bat mitzvah discussion and preparation.

Seventh Grade:  Learning and practice of mitzvot, the study of sacred texts, the study of Jewish history to the present day with an emphasis on events leading up to the Holocaust, the study of ethics and moral dilemmas, and discussion of current events.

Hebrew High School (8th-10th Grades): Meets twice a month and is co-taught by Rabbi Pollack, Adam Herman and Magda Reyes. The newly revamped program follows an “I Am Jewish” curriculum.  Students explore important topics in Jewish History, culture and lifecycle event through debate and question and answer sessions. Tenth graders work closely with Rabbi Pollack and prepare for their Confirmation.

Some Highlights of Our Religious School:

Special Events:  Consecration service in which students new to the religious school are welcomed, Family Shabbat potluck dinner and services, Hanukkah celebration, schoolwide model Passover seder, the Purim carnival and Purim play (our annual Purimshpiel is not to be missed!), and the Lag Ba’Omer picnic.

P.A.C.T. Programs (Parents and Children Together):  A special Sunday program designed for each grade. Parents learn with their child about topics such as Shabbat, Havdalah, L’Dor V’Dor, one’s relationship with God, Lashon Hara, and the study of Torah portions in preparation for becoming B’nei Mitzvah.

Music Programs: Under the guidance of our Director of Music, Susan Sacks, the children learn a myriad of songs that provide a soundtrack to their Jewish education. The children learn both beautiful and spiritual melodies along with fun, campy little ditties that you will find them singing around the house or just about anywhere.

Toranim Program:  Students who graduate Hebrew High School, continue onto their Confirmation and are actively engaged members in the Religious School may be eligible to become Toranim (teachers' helper) in the classroom.

Parental Involvement:  We have an active Parent-Teacher organization called the Parent-Teacher B’Yachad (PTB) that supports the school with teacher appreciation activities, fundraising efforts, and social programming. We also have an active Religious Education Committee of parents and administration geared to support the activities of the school as well as providing an avenue for parent input and involvement.  

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